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Simplify your path to wellness. Naturally.

Life can be stressful.
Prioritizing your health doesn’t have to be.

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«I never leave home without it. My daughter has Crohns and she often uses this when she’s having episodes. It also works amazingly well for cramps.»

«A beautiful roll on. The scent and purpose is exactly what we needed!»

Mantra Roller

«Before I teach a yoga class, this is my go-to!! Love!»

Mantra Roller

«Exactly what I need right now, this smells amazing, and totally helps me destress!»

Mantra Roller

«Exactly what I need right now, this smells amazing, and totally helps me destress!»

Mantra Roller

«I have been carrying this with me to help with excessive stress of my new internship. It’s a life

Mantra Roller

«I loved this so much, I took it to my office so I could use it throughout my workday for a
beautiful pick me up.»

Mantra Roller

«Nice, calming scent, and I love roll on essential oil blends!»

Mantra Roller

«Smells absolutely lovely, plus it has a great vibration.»

Mantra Roller

«Smells amazing and is perfect to take everywhere in my purse and backpack.»

Mantra Roller

Our Unique Blends

Let us do the hard work for you. Explore our uniquely formulated blends developed by world-renowned experts. Versatile and effective, our blends epitomize the best that nature has to offer. All so you can embrace wellness effortlessly.

Our Single Essential Oils

Simplify and personalize with singles. We respect your uniqueness. Customize your path to wellness with our pure single essential oils.

Our Chakra Bracelets

Break the cycle. Easily achieve balance in your life and discover wellness for your whole self. Experience just how doable that is with our premium chakra bracelets.

Empowering You With Knowledge

We’ve got your back. We want you to feel confident on your path to natural wellness. Our products offer you natural and effective alternatives for wellness without all the nasty side effects. Conveniently learn how to use them so you can experience the unsurpassed therapeutic benefits of nature.

Our Wellness Values

Pure, Natural, & Unadulterated. All of our ingredients are sourced straight from nature and are effortless to use. Pure & simple.


Give your body a break. All of our ingredients are 100% natural with absolutely no fillers or artificial ingredients.


Your path to wellness shouldn’t be difficult. Our products make it ridiculously simple for you to prioritize your health.


Give nature a chance. Experience relief and discover wellness when you use natural ingredients that actually work.


Transparency matters. So does quality. We source the best botanical species from every region of the world to provide you with most superior products to support your path to wellness.

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Our Guarantee

You have enough concerns in life without having to worry about the products you use.
Our essential oils are: 

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