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We easily over look pillows, book bags, carpets, and whatever else our kids can get their germ-filled hands on. Fabric refreshers are a godsend, they not only help to disinfect surfaces but they give off a fresh aroma. One thing to be cautious of is store-bought refreshers. These can be filled with toxic chemicals and artificial scents. You can easily avoid these problems by making your own fabric refresher! It’s easy, uses simple ingredients, and you know exactly what you are putting into the air!



  1. Add baking soda to glass bottle.
  2. Pour in heated water, the warmth helps for the baking soda to dissolve.
  3. Add in essential Oil.
  4. Put cap back on, shake well.

To Use:

  1. Test the fabric before using: apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area on each new fabric, allow to dry, then check for stains.
  2. Spray lightly on carpet, couches, and fabrics.
  3.  Allow to dry.

Enjoy our fabric refresher? Check out our other blog post for a DIY Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner. Happy cleaning!

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