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Growing up with an aromatherapy educator for a mother, I have been aware from an early age of the importance of proper essential oil education. So often I have read and heard first-hand stories of essential oil consumers who have unknowingly hurt themselves or their loved ones with these potent plant substances. Most healers know that it is the “dose that makes the poison,” and that essential oils have both the incredible potential to help our bodies heal but used improperly, can also harm us.

Many of the injuries from essential oils that get reported to us come from just a few major essential oil companies that do not have the framework in place to support the full spectrum of education that their sellers and customers need. This is why BlueFlower caught my attention when they contacted me to help create an educational system for them. From our initial conversation I saw that the founder, Gazelle Hashemian, has a passion not just for the oils and helping people but also filling this need in the market for a company that is as dedicated to educating consumers as they are to sourcing the highest quality essential oils.

Following in the path of my mom, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, I am also continuously working to eliminate the unnecessary injuries from essential oils caused by improper education. I chose to work with BlueFlower because I see the potential to further these changes with them. BlueFlower’s commitment to excelling in this market with a direct sales approach (opting out of the popular MLM model) is reflected in their outlook on education as well. Blueflower is not just selling essential oils, they are selling an integrative approach to health and healing that recognizes that essential oils are only as powerful in healing as the quality of information that accompanies them.

I am proud to be the guide for the aromatic journey of the BlueFlower family. Let’s learn and grow together.

Nyssa Hanger is the Assistant Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and the Owner of Upward Spiral Center for Healing and Transformation. She has been a practicing aromatherapist and massage therapist for over a decade. She is an advocate for essential oil safety and understanding the depths at which healing can take place.

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