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Blue Lapis Chakra Bracelet

(5 customer reviews)


5th (Throat) Chakra – Communication

6th (Third Eye) Chakras – Awareness

Blue Lapis Lazuli is known as the truth stone. It has purifying and healing abilities that bring self-awareness and opens the mind to all possibilities.

Complementing Essential Oils:
Eucalyptus | Frankincense | Lavender | Lemon | Marjoram | Melaleuca | Patchouli | Roman Chamomile | Rose | Rosemary | Sandalwood

Why Chakra Bracelets?

The word ‘chakra’ is derived from the sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel.’ Literally translated from Hindi, it means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy.’ The seven chakra symbols are vital to our health reflecting the flow of energy and the importance of unblocking, balancing, and realigning chakras for a healthy and fulfilling life. Each chakra is represented by a color:

Violet, Indigo, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

The significance of our bracelets are in the color, the gemstone used, and the order of the chakras. Ancient Indians prescribed wearing these gems in close contact to the skin. We offer a variety of gemstones to help deliver specific healing qualities. The gems used, correlate to one or more Chakra. For every bracelet, there is an accompanying chakra and list of essential oils to support that chakra.

Our Chakra Diffuser Bracelets hold a few lava beads. Lava beads have a porous surface allowing the essential oil to be absorbed and released slowly for hours. Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy its benefits for up to one day or just use it as an all-natural perfume.

Use Your Chakra Bracelet to set a conscious intention!

1. Sit Quietly
2. Consider what you want to bring forth in your life or what you’d like to let go of
3. Place your chosen essential oil on your bracelet
4. Inhale deeply while consideringf your intention
5. Use the aroma to bring you back to this idea

5 reviews for Blue Lapis Chakra Bracelet

  1. C Scott

    I wear it everyday! Love the blue with gold flecks.

  2. Maryam Jovan

    Beautiful stones with great energy. I love mine.

  3. Gazelle Hashemian

    My favorite stone. I wear a bracelet to match my outfit on daily basis. I find myself reaching for Blue Lapis more than any other stone!

  4. Sara

    Premium quality & beautiful stones.

  5. Tara K

    My favorite gem stone. The fact that I can use it as a diffuser is an icing on the cake. I just love it and I do use different oils on my bracelet all the time.

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