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You don’t have to live next door to a bakery to know that your sense of smell has a powerful influence on your appetite. Even when you’re not hungry, just a whiff of good food cooking can stimulate cravings and entice you to eat. You may not know, however, that certain pleasant scents can have the opposite effect on your appetite. Recent research indicates that aromas may help control your appetite and alleviate cravings, making them good scents for weight loss.

Peppermint Study participants were asked to sniff peppermint oil every two hours for five days, according to a report published in the medical journal Appetite. For the next five days, they sniffed a placebo. The subjects consumed 1,800 fewer calories during the time when they were exposed to the scent of peppermint than when they were exposed to the placebo.  To use it, put peppermint essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser or wear it on your diffuser bracelet. Or, brew yourself a cup of mint tea when you feel hungry between meals. You can just hold it in your hands and inhale, but don’t hesitate to sip it—tea has zero calories and it even helps soothe your digestive system.

Vanilla:  In a study at St. George’s Hospital in London, England, 200 overweight people wore skin patches with one of a few different aromas on the back of their hands for two weeks. Those wearing patches with vanilla consumed fewer sugary foods and beverages than the people with patches containing other scents. The subjects in the vanilla-patch group also lost an average of 4.5 pounds during the study period.  Wear BlueFlower Vanilla essential oil on the skin or on your diffuser bracelet so you can sniff it throughout the day. Vanilla extract is a low-calorie, fat-free flavoring that you can add to hot cereal, smoothies and other foods.

Jasmine:  A group of 67 women in a study reported in the journal Appetite were shown colorful photographs of chocolate desserts. They were then asked to breathe in one of three odors—green apple, jasmine or water. The group sniffing jasmine reported significantly lower chocolate cravings than the people in the other two groups.   Jasmine is a beautiful plant with fragrant white flowers. You can grow it inside your home or workplace and take a whiff whenever you’re craving chocolate. Or, try jasmine essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser or wear it on your diffuser bracelet as your perfume. There are also countless jasmine tea varieties out there. Brew a pot and you won’t just enjoy your whole home becoming filled with a scent for weight loss… you’ll get a tasty zero-calorie drink out of it, too!

Lavender:  Lavender has long been used as a natural remedy for stress, which is a common cause of eating when you’re not hungry. In a study published in the journal Archives of Oral Biology, researchers documented that the scent of the herb reduced stress among students solving complex arithmetic problems. Those that were exposed to airborne organic Lavender essential oil had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their saliva than the control group.  Try adding a few drops of lavender oil to your bath to soothe your nerves and ward off cravings. You can also diffuse it, or add it to BlueFlower’s Fractionated Coconut oil and apply to the skin for a lightly floral fragrance all day.  It also smells and feels amazing when you mix peppermint and lavender together!

While further research is certainly warranted in this area, there’s certainly no harm in adding these wonderful scents to your life.  Nutrisystem even provided this information to their customers, so what’s the worst thing that could happen? You have awesome scents wafting through your home that help curb your appetite.  And, it’s almost bathing suit season 🙂

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