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Whether you are interested in offering our products to your customers at your store, back-bar, or as a method of offering elevated guest experiences, we have developed multiple on-board and educational packages to make it easy to train your team and get on-board effectively.

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1. Retail

We work with our wholesale clients to support an effective on-boarding process for your storefront. Once you sign up with us as a wholesale client, we will offer the following:

  1. Introductory Kits
  2. BlueFlower brochures in soft copy
  3. One-hour conference call staff training
  4. Access to social media announcement on your website
  5. Retail Location announcement on BlueFlower website
  6. BlueFlower social media announcement
  7. Access to BlueFlower webinars


2. Back-Bar

Elevate your customer experience at your business by using our products.  Whether you are running a yoga studio or Physician’s office, try our products for one or more of the following:

  • Use your favorite BlueFlower Essential Oil in your office’s diffuser
  • Use our Eucalyptus Essential Oil for client’s cold towel
  • Use our Pillow Spray for your clients’ pillow spray


3. BlueFlower at Premium Spas

If you are interested in offering you spa clients the best ingredients, use our products for your back-bar.

BlueFlower had developed guidelines for our products to be used at spas for elevated client experiences. We will offer you:

  • General Spa Use Guidelines
  • BlueFlower Melt Deep Tissue Massage Protocol
  • BlueFlower Mantra Relaxation Massage Protocol


4. BlueFlower at Hotels

If you are interested in offering elevated aromatherapy experiences to your guests, we will work with you to help their stay at your hotel unforgettable. Based on your guests need, we can help set up protocols for offering our products in a format of skincare essential oils and/or diffusing them in their room.


5. Wedding Planning

We help destress some of the wedding planning and execution by offering multiple ways to use our self-care products especially essential oils. They are elegant and easy to use. Some ideas are:

  • Wedding Planning Savior Kit: our products should be included in every wedding planner’s day of supplies, specifically; Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Mantra EO Blend, and our Dream Pillow spray as absolute musts
  • Stress Management: from brides, mothers, and bridesmaids to even the groom and his attendants. All wedding party participants can benefit from the self-care of essential oils and natural self-care. Consider giving everyone a chakra diffuser bracelet, which is a simple, stylish way to incorporate aromatherapy into their daily routine.
  • A Goodie Bag Basic: our products are the perfect addition to goodie bags at bridal showers and luncheons, and of course, for welcome bags you place in guests’ hotel rooms. Add Melt for sore muscles after a night of dancing, or the Dream Pillow Spray for the very best night’s sleep. Plus, their elegant packaging is a pretty touch for any gift presentation.
  • For the Honeymoon: let’s just say that Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang are all known for their aphrodisiac qualities.


A blue flower is a symbol of inspiration, hope, and beauty. 
It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable.

BlueFlower. A natural self-care company.

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